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Homes Sold

In the month of August, 44 homes sold in Montrose Houston.  Of the total home sales, 21 were detached homes and 23 were townhomes/condos.  This number is up almost 100% from August of 2011, which only had 22 total sales.  Historically low interest rates and an improving Houston economy have surely helped move these numbers.

Active Listings

45 new listings came on the market in August, and there are 122 properties currently on the market, 68 detached homes and 54 townhomes/condos.  Inventory levels in Montrose continue to remain low.  With only about 3 months of inventory (down from 4 months in August), this is a great market for home sellers and home owners.  Low inventories typically lead to rising prices.

Home Prices

Montrose/Neartown home prices continue to perform very well.  Average home prices for the 12 months leading up to August were up only 1% from 2011.  However, Detached homes performed particularly well over the past 12 months.  With average home prices rising 5% to $455,187 over the past year. Townhomes prices were down 1% to $333,210.Menil-blog

Montrose/Neartown is one of Houston’s most urban neighborhoods.   According to, this is a walker’s paradise. Some of the great bars and restaurants in Houston are foot steps away from the hip bungalows, townhomes, and mid-rise condominium towers that dot the area.  The area is also home to some great cultural institutions, such as Anderson Fair, the Menil Collection, the Rothco Chapel, and Saint Thomas University. If you would like more information about Montrose/Neartown, give us a call at 713-869-5700 or email us at [email protected].