Sure, touting that recent kitchen or bathroom renovation will surely attract the attention of potential buyers. But are there other qualities about your home that might entice someone to take a closer look? Here are some selling points that many sellers frequently forget to mention. Don’t be one of them!

Energy efficiency

Purchasing a home is a huge expense. Many buyers will be attracted to homes that feature energy efficient upgrades that will save them money on their utility costs over time. If you have energy efficient appliances, dual pane widows, new insulation or LED lights in your home, be sure to use that information in your listing.

Recent upgrades

While upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom can make a deal, there are other upgrades you shouldn’t fail to mention. Have you recently repaved the driveway or installed a new garage door? Has the roof been repaired or replaced? Did you turn the attic into a usable living space? Have you put in new carpet or flooring? These all deserve to be mentioned in your marketing materials.

Storage space

While it could be argued that Americans have too much stuff, you can be sure most people won’t be letting it go anytime soon. Most buyers place a premium on ample storage space, so you should emphasize it. This includes walk-in closets, a pantry in the kitchen, a storage system in the garage or any built-in shelves or cabinets around the house.

Nearby amenities

Lastly, is your home located near amenities like a supermarket, restaurants, or even a state or national park?  Is there a gym that is within walking distance? A popular performance venue just down the road? A commercial district that features every big-box store anyone would ever want to visit? These are all selling points that could appeal to the future tenant of your home.

The bottom line is – if you’re getting ready to sell, don’t overlook some of the smaller details of your home. It could be just the thing that attracts the perfect buyer.


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