5 Things to Consider When Picking a Neighborhood

Houston is full of diverse and interesting neighborhoods.  Understanding the following options will help you get started and working with an experienced Realtor will ensure that you find a neighborhood that fits your priorities.


Your neighborhood search should start by setting a budget.  Home prices can have a wide range from neighborhood to neighborhood and even street to street.  Working with your lender and Realtor to establish a realistic budget will get you headed in the right direction and keep you productive along the way.  Once that is set, your Realtor will give you a handful of options that fit your price range.


Buyers have just about every property type to pick from in Houston which includes single family homes, patio homes, townhomes, condos and high rises.  Focusing on a particular property type will help your Realtor make neighborhood recommendations that will offer the largest quantity of homes to choose from.


Houston is notorious for its traffic and understanding your commute options is critical to loving your new neighborhood or dreading your commute.  Whether you are working Downtown, in the Medical Center, Galleria or any other business district around Houston, picking a neighborhood that is in line with your commute tolerance is something that an experienced Realtor can help with.


Do you like urban areas with lots of restaurants and entertainment?  Are you looking for good schools and family friendly outdoor spaces?  These are just a couple of questions you should have the answers to when determining what lifestyle you are looking for in your new neighborhood.  In Houston, there’s an option for everyone.


Unlike other major cities in the US, Houston does not have any zoning laws. Love it or hate it, it’s one of the things that makes Houston unique. The lack of zoning means that many properties in Houston can be used for any residential or commercial purpose. However, there is another option. Houston has many deed restricted neighborhoods that restrict the types of properties that can be built within the neighborhood. If you are looking for a more traditional suburban-type neighborhood (whether it’s actually in the suburbs or in the city), this might be the type of neighborhood that works best for you. Location is critical in real estate and understanding how this affects the neighborhoods is important in making a smart decision.

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