10 Ways to Prepare for a Showing

mariagoris2 February 21, 2020

The showing service has called and an agent wants to tour your home within the hour.  What do you do? Every one that tours your home is potentially THE ONE, so you need to make sure that your property is ready to be shown.  You want to make sure THE ONE feels at home.  Here are 10 tips to help you get ready for this most important showing.


Make sure the kitchen, bathrooms, and entry way floors have been swept or mapped recently.  Use a towel or sponge to clean any spots or debris.


Give all of the furniture a quick once over. Make sure to dust the TV, countertops, side tables, etc.  Also, keep all of the mirrors in your home clean and spotless.  This will make sure that your home shines.


Make sure to clear off all of the clutter from countertops throughout the house. Make sure to give special attention to the any entryway tables, kitchen counter tops, dining tables, coffee tables, and bathroom countertops.


Making the bed is a lost art form.  It is time to pick up the habit in all of the bedrooms throughout the house.  Make sure those sheets are tight, pillows are in place, and corners are square.


Give the carpets a good once over.  Freshly vacuumed carpet always looks fresh and clean. Pay particular attention to the entry way and living room.143


6.  LET THEIR BE LIGHT Turn on all of the lights in the house and open all of the drapes and blinds.  Buyers love a bright home with lots of natural light.

7.  PICK UP EVERY ROOM Make sure to pick-up every room in the house.  You don’t want anyone tripping over a shoe or a toy. 8.  PUT THE DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER Get all of those dirty dishes out of the sink and into the dishwasher.  You want to buyer to find a tidy home. However, don’t start a cycle.  You don’t want the noise to be a distraction for the prospect. 9.  PICK THE DIRTY CLOTHES OFF THE FLOOR Get all of those dirty clothes in a hamper or the washing machine.  Again, don’t run the machine before the prospect arrives.  You don’t want your clothes clanking around in the machine. 10.  TAKE OUT THE TRASH Clean out all of the garbage cans in the house, especially the cans located in bathrooms, nurseries, and the kitchen.

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